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About Us

In 1997 we met working at the local ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, NV where we both worked in the production department.  A year later we were dating and attached at the hip, another two years after that, in October of 2000, we were married.  We also worked together at the Fox affiliate in Las Vegas before striking out to start our own business.

We're easy to spot, Billy always has a hat on and Deseray has pink in her hair.

We’re easy to spot, Billy always has a hat on and Deseray usually has pink in her hair.

We realized that we yearned for small town life, trees and snow in the winter,  things that Las Vegas does not specialize in.   Our need to travel peaked through a bit at that time as we spent the next few years exploring and putting many miles on our SUV searching for our new home.

We finally decided Coeur d’Alene, ID was one of the most beautiful spots we had ever seen.  Being self-employed at the time and only requiring an internet connection to work we picked up and moved.    We absolutely love North Idaho and I think we will always consider that area to be our true home.

Ever since we were dating we had discussed becoming full time RVers and traveling some day when we retire, but after some life changes in 2014 we decided there was no reason to wait, let’s see the country now.  We put the wheels in motion and in early 2015 we purchased a 5th wheel, and as of May 1s 2015, we are now full time RVers.

We hit the road with an open mind, we want to travel and explore as long as it is enjoyable for the both of us.   If that is a year from now or 20 years only time will tell.

We hope you follow along with us on our adventures.   We plan to share anything that strikes us.  It may be a cool location, funky hideaway, adventures & excursions, or even the occational great eating joint! Who knows? Not even we do.

We’ll also both share our thoughts and ideas on the RV lifestyle as well as some tip sand tricks we pick up along the way.


Our ratings system explained.

We rank the places we visit or blog about.

1 Star – Horrible.  Not only would I never go here again but I am going to complain to whomever will listen about it and probably try to get my money back.

2 Stars – I am never coming back here again, but I probably won’t complain about the service to anyone.

3 Stars – Take it or leave it.   If we never see this place again that is fine, if we end up here again some day that is fine too.

4 Stars – We like this place and are going to come back.   I wouldn’t go out of my way to come back, or break my budget but if I am in the area, and have the choice you better believe I would come back here again.

5 Stars – I MUST go back.   I don’t care if I go out of my way for it, I don’t care if it is beyond my budget, I MUST GO BACK.   And we’ll rant and rave to everyone we know about it.

See it’s all really quite simple.

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