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Armitage Park Campground, Eugene, OR

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Eugene, OR

Ah, Eugene.  I can’t really explain why I love it here, but I do.  The downtown area has such a great vibe, and with two different Universities in the downtown area, the town is filled with young people.  Not that I search out the young crowds, but they always seem to create a unique vibe in an area and attract great businesses that are fun to check out.

In my opinion there are not many RV Parks to choose from in the Eugene area.  The couple thatfamily-rv-road-trip-armitage-county-park-oregon are there seem to be a bit pricey at $35 – $55 a night for a spot, with not much room.  So, after doing some research we found the Armitage Park Campground.  It is located in Armitage County Park in Eugene, and is a little bit of paradise in the hectic city, for a great price.


View of space 9

Being that it is in a county park, there are trees, grasses, and walking paths everywhere.  The campground has both open spaces and treed spaces, with back in and pull through spots as well, so there is sure to be something that will strike your fancy.  I really loved the tree spaces but due to high winds in the area most of those spaces were closed.  The open spaces were nice as well and are BIG!!  You have lots of room to spread out if you like, with a picnic bench and fire pit at every spot.  They have a nice restroom house that is maintained well and has great lighting!  There is also a large dog park for the four-legged family members to run and play.

armitage-park-campground (1)

Treed Space

For $30 bucks a night, it is the least expensive in the area, and in my opinion, the nicest most private park around.  It is also only a 10 minute drive to downtown unlike the  20 – 30 minute drive away the other parks would be.  Whenever we are back in Eugene again, this will be our go to park!

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