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Bastendorf Beach – Coos Bay, OR

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Bastendorf Beach – Coos Bay, OR

Billy and I love becoming one with nature on this traveling adventure that we are on.  Usually sone of the best locations are the ones that are out in nature with no hookups of any kind.  This is called dry camping or “boondocking.”  You rely on your ability to conserve.  Conserve power, water, and waste, but if you are willing to do that, the reward is simply amazing.

I’ll tell ya, there really is nothing like the Northern Coast of the Pacific Ocean.  The beaches are definately more rocky, but that plus the beautiful big trees is what gives this part of the coast it’s alure. On our travels down the 101, Billy and IDSC_2319 decided to stop at a free dry camping location right on Bastendof Beach outside of Coos Bay, OR.  What a relaxing adventure.  We camped right on the beach for two nights.  Surrounded by the ocean and a bay it has been by far the most peaceful place we’ve spent the night.  If it hadn’t been for a winter storm moving in, we would’ve stayed longer!


View from our front door!

The road to this spot is paved, and you are staying in a dirt parking lot right on the beach. The parking lot does have very large holes that will swallow you up if you are not careful but  just go slow and you will be fine.  This is Oregon BLM land and you are aloud to camp for up to 14 days, so take your time if you can to enjoy!  The beach is a bit busy during the day, but at night, it is so peaceful.  We sat outside with our fire pit and watched the fishing boats coming in for the night.  With the moon, and the starts above as your only light, it made for a serene space to just relax and do a little reflecting on how lucky we truly are.


Fire on the beach.

What’s great about Oregon is that you can park alongside the road for 24 hours to take in the views. I would love to try this, as we saw so many great spaces with amazing views that I would love to stop, sit, and enjoy the beauty.  We look forward to doing more dry camping along this journey and whenever we are back in this area, we will definately be staying here again.!11000&query=sitedetails

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