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Boardman Marina & RV Park, Boardman, OR

Posted on Feb 16, 2016 by in Our Travel Notes | 0 comments


Boardman Marina & RV Park

It is time to get on the road again!  After being in Coeur d’ Alene, ID for the last few months saying goodbye to Billy’s dad and handling his affairs, we have started our traveling adventure back up.

We are hitting it off with a great start by staying at the Boardman Marina & RV Park in IMG_3756Boardman, OR.  We didn’t know what to expect when we booked this place online.  The pictures looked nice, but you never know.  After searching online in the Tri-Cities area of Washington, we decided we wanted to stay out and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, that’s when we stubbled on The Boardman Marina and RV Park.


The View from our front door

Wow, what a place!  They are located on the Columbia River, and have many places to choose from to park.  We wanted something private and secluded and the great people at the front recommended the “C Loop.”  Although these spots were not winterized, so there was no water or sewer dumps just power, that was fine with us.  We are very self contained so we can go 10-12 days or longer without water or sewer dumps when we conserve.  Parked in spot C27, the conservation was well worth it! Right out our front door was the river.  Beautiful and breathtaking.


Many Trees on the property

It was sunny, but not warm.  LOL.  It was actually deceiving when you looked out the window and saw the beautiful day, it looked like you could just go and jump in the river for a swim. Well, that would be a Polar Bear Swim!!! Brrrrrr.  We stayed for six nights, and I never really wanted to leave home.  We did however make it into the Tri-Cities for one day, but mainly relaxed in our spot with the view.



The park also had a little play area for any kiddos that stay, and a conveniently located bathhouse with laundry facilities.  Really all you need at a park.  Although there really isn’t a whole lot to do in Boardman, OR (it’s population is just under 3400) there are a few beautiful sights to see only a few minutes drive away in different directions. You really don’t need to go anywhere though to enjoy the beauty, as long as you stay at The Boardman Marina and RV Park.  Great walking paths along the river and open spaces to toss a ball, you can stay and just relax.  This was just the start we needed.  On to the next location!!!

Below is a video of our stay in Boardman, OR and some the very interesting and beautiful things to see.

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