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It’s Amazing How Time Changes Your Perspective

Posted on Oct 15, 2016 by in Billy's Notes | 0 comments

Years ago Deseray and I knew that we needed a change and wanted to leave Las Vegas and we started looking for a new place we would call home.    We wanted a place with mountains, trees, lakes, rivers, and distinctive seasons.   Many of you know that we found and fell in love with Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the place we called home for a little over 5 years.

What many may not realize is the time and effort we put into finding CDA.   For a few years we used every vacation that we could get to put thousands and thousands of miles on our SUV as we criss crossed the western half of the US looking for that spot that was “just right”.

Though there were a number of communities that we explored there were many more that was zoomed through.    As the the tires of the SUV sped down mile after mile on the highway, and many areas zoomed by outside our window our only thoughts were “not here”, “nope this isn’t it” and the only planning was how we would  get to the next part of the country that would hopefully hold our new home.

Fast-forward almost a decade later and we’ve decided to travel.   We want to see and enjoy the different areas, landscapes and cultures within our own country.   Our home is now where we park it, and with that comes a whole new perspective.   I sit here writing this in the arid plains of northwest Nebraska.   There isn’t a tree or a river or a lake in site.   This is never a place that I would plan on building a house, or setting down long term roots.  A decade ago I would have just pressed my foot harder down on the accelerator and left it behind in my review mirror.   But instead today I am sitting here in Nebraska, in my home, and thoroughly enjoying it.       We have even extended our stay at the current campground by another day and I am looking forward to sitting outside and watching the golden hues sweep across the grasses of the plains during tomorrows sunset.

So don’t be afraid to give something another try after time has passes.   The outcome may pleasantly surprise you.

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