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Multnomah Falls, OR

Posted on Feb 16, 2016 by in Our Travel Notes | 0 comments


Multnomah Falls

Located just 30 miles East of downtown Portland, OR is Multnomah Falls. This is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, and to me, feelis like a hidden gem to escape from the crowds of Portland.

While staying in nearby Corbett, OR for three days, Billy and I were lucky enough to enjoy these falls for a couple of outings.  Even though the Multnomah Falls are the biggest, at 611 feet tall, and most popular, there are well over 20 different falls along the old historic highway that you can visit.  We stopped at the closest six and even hiked back to the base of a few.

At the Multnomah Falls there is a Lodge that houses a gift shop, a restaurant that has amazing views of the Columbia Gorge, and a US Forrest Service information center that is staffed and explains the area, the wildlife and the history of the falls.  This lodge was built in 1925, from tons of various rocks found in the Columbia Gorge, to take care of the many, many visitors that came to take in the beauty of the Falls.


Latourell Falls

I have to say that although the Multnomah Falls are majestic, my favorite were the falls that you could go directly up to and take in a more intimate view.  I LOVED the Latourell Falls, that drop 249 feet.  There is a small hike down a rocky dirt path that leads to a bridge at the pool of the falls that you can walk across and take in the view.


Wakeena Falls

The Wakeena Falls are also beautiful as you can watch the falls trickle down over rocks, logs, and foliage almost creating a creek.

These falls do not dry up in the late Summer, thanks to the significant rainfall in the area.  An underground spring, and snow melt keeps these falls fed year round so visiting anytime of the year is possible.  Due to the powerful falls there is a constant mist in the air, that in the winter it is quite cold, but I’m sure in the summer it would be refreshing.  We may just have to come back during a summer to compare.  Any excuse to come back and visit these falls!

I highly recommend it, and if you can, get out and hike back a bit you will be rewarded IMG_5261with the amazing views.

Princess Legend of Multnomah Falls

“A legend is told of a terrible sickness that threatened the Multnomah people.  An old medicine man revealed that the sickness would pass if a maiden threw herself from a high cliff on the Big River to the rocks below.  When the Chief’s daughter saw the sickness on her lover’s face, she went to the cliff and plunged to her death.  Now, when the breeze blows through the water, a silvery stream separates from the upper falls.  The misty stream fashions  form of the maiden, a token of the Great Spirit’s acceptance of her sacrifice.”

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