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Thousand Trails – Birch Bay, WA

Posted on Jul 18, 2015 by in Our Travel Notes, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Our stay here was a bit of a whirlwind.    After coming home from my trip to visit a friend in the MA we spent another night in one of our favorite RV parks, the Artic RV Park in Artic, WA.   From there we ran up to Auburn, WA where we spent the night in preparation of dropping the RV off for a day at the shop to have a leak fixed.    Sumner RV finished fixing the leak quickly and we were back on the road about 2pm.     We were running a few days behind our initial time frame of going to Gibsons, BC and we didn’t want to deal with that long of a drive.

So we routed ourselves to Birch Bay, WA only a few minutes from the Peace Arch crossing into Canada along I-5.    We picked this park based on how convenient it would be for us as well as the fact that it was a Thousand Trails park included in our membership and thus $0 a night.

We rolled in around dinner time and upon checking in were surprised that Thousand Trails asked us for proof of insurance on the trailer.   I guess this is something new that they are doing and required me running back into the truck and Des had to rifle through the glove box to find it, while the animals were getting yancy hoping that I would be letting them out any minute now that we stopped.   Hopefully they keep this on file as promised and we won’t have to do that everytime.

The lady in the office recommended that we go to “Phase 2” on the other side of the trees.    We drove through the trees to find out that Phase 2 was nothing more then a massive clearing with no trees within it, just around the parameter.    By this point it had been a long day and we both just wanted to be done so we pulled into an easy to access pull through and did our unhook and setup in record time.


The next day we ran over the border to pick up a Canadian cell phone so that we wouldn’t have to deal with that on the day of the crossing and spent the rest of the day in the trailer playing catch up.   So we didn’t use any of the parks amenities and as always Thousand Trails only has their wifi in the office, but that is why we have large data plans with Verizon and AT&T.

Two weeks later when we left Canada we rolled back across the border and the 10 minutes to Birch Bay so that we could have a few days of downtime back in the US, the land of big cell data (wow data felt limited in Canada).    This time we ignored the recommendation to go to phase 2 and found a nice spot under a tree in phase 1.    We set up and prepared for a few days stay, but the next morning we received a call that we were needed back in Coeur d’Alene, ID so we packed up and hit the road.

So all in all, after 3 nights spread over 2 stays I would say that it is a great park to stay in if you have a membership and want to see the Birch Bay area, or if you want to do what we did and have a day on this side of the border before crossing into or after crossing back from Canada.      If I didn’t have a membership and was going to pay full boat though I would probably take a look at what else is in the area as there really wasn’t anything special about this particular park.

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